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Mary Spencer & Jon WATTO Watson
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I went to Miami of Ohio and studied art with a major in graphic design and minor in painting. Fresh out of college I was fortunate enough to work for Hallmark Greeting Cards in Kansas City as a product planner. Although I didn't create the cards myself, I did get to work with a large staff of highly creative people in all categories of art. 

From there I did several years of finding myself - working as a prop artist back when malls were decorated to the nines at the holidays. I dabbled in floral design and furniture painting as well as faux finishing and illustration. 

I then worked at several product development companies which made craft products, puzzle & games, and stationary products and worked at a printer as a graphic designer. 

Since 2009, I have spent my time creating several lines of products with my husband who also has an art background. He came from the advertising world where he was an illustrator and graphic designer. He is currently a metal artist. We travel around selling our art at art shows and make things for galleries and other businesses. 

You can see a little more of what we do at and


I work mostly in watercolor using a tiny brush, but occasionally create art in acrylic as well. I love creating whimsical and colorful designs that hopefully bring a smile to your face. 

cactus watercolor spot design

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